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Opening Day in August


After writing about Fantasy baseball for for nearly nine seasons, I made the difficult decision to leave. It was time for a change — a big change. My family and I picked up and left the Ft. Lauderdale area and made the 2600-mile trek to Bozeman, Montana.

This blog is part of that new start. (There will be more, and I’ll share those details as they emerge, right here in this blog.) While it would be ideal to kick things off with some analysis you can use for the coming week, I’m not really prepared to do that. Making a four-day cross-country drive and setting up shop in a new town has consumed most of my attention, and I haven’t had much time to do research. I plan to get some weekly lineup advice posted over the weekend. Thanks for bearing with me.

And thanks in advance to Starbucks for providing the wifi access that I won’t have at home for a few more days still.

It’s also the time of year, particularly in Roto leagues, where we all have to take a hard look at our teams and figure out our strategies for approaching the rest of the season. I have teams in redraft leagues that are in the hunt and others that are clearly out of title contention. In both cases, I want to make the most of the remaining six weeks, but clearly that will mean different approaches for different teams. I’ll be writing at least a couple of pieces to address endgame strategies.

Player analysis and strategy advice will be the meat-and-potatoes of this blog, but I’m looking to venture out as well. There will be the occasional piece focusing more on the real world of baseball than on the Fantasy world. If there is something in particular you’d like to see here, please drop me a line, either by email at or via Twitter at my new handle, @almelchiorBB. For at least a few days, if you are looking to get a quicker response, it’s best to contact me on Twitter.

Now it’s time to get back to unpacking and to let a coffee-buying patron use this table.


  1. Al, thanks so much for all the advice on cbs and never being too busy to answer my twitter questions. I wish you the best and will follow your new adventures, Sincerely Bill

  2. Congrats! Hope all goes well for you and your family

  3. If you knew how weepy I get every time I realize you are really no longer on the podcast … You would probably wonder about my well-being. Good luck, look forward to following your next endeavor.

  4. Definitely great to hear your travels went well – settle in and enjoy your new surroundings! As I said before I think Bozeman had a great feel and Montana is beautiful :). (David from Canada)

  5. Congrats Al, can’t wait to see what you come with next. I hope it’s a Christopher Harris-like move

  6. I’m excited for you and your family’s new adventure in the “racy” town of Bozeman. Not too many stray volleyballs one can be pegged with compared to Ft. Lauderdale. Score!!!

  7. Good luck Al! You were my fav on the podcast!

  8. Going to miss you on the podcast!

    Years ago I won an all expenses paid trip on the radio to Big Sky Ski Resort (does happen), stunning part of the country, enjoy it out there Al! Looking forward to the blog!

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