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Reviewing my Tout Wars mixed league auction roster

Howie Kendrick on May 20, 2015

Photo credit: By Arturo Pardavila III on Flickr [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

Last Saturday was the 15-team Tout Wars mixed league auction (5×5 with OBP), and for the fifth straight year, I was fortunate enough to participate. If you care to peruse the rosters from this or any of the other Tout Wars leagues, you can access them here.

On Sunday’s edition of FanRag Fantasy Baseball, I spoke with several participants from the Tout Wars auctions about their rosters and their overall auction experience. It’s worth a listen, as we covered everything from some of our favorite and least favorite winning bids to uncovering some of our not-so-conscious biases when making bidding decisions.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the roster I assembled. I got several of my favorite targets, including Carlos Santana, Jean Segura, Aledmys Diaz, Dallas Keuchel and Alex Colome, without going over budget on any of them. Mike Trout, Max Scherzer and Gary Sanchez are usually too pricey for my tastes, but I was able to get each within my budget for them as well. Here is the complete roster, including the players I drafted in the reserve rounds.

C Gary Sanchez $21
C Salvador Perez $9
1B Carlos Santana $24
2B Jean Segura $18
3B Howie Kendrick $1
SS Aledmys Diaz $11
CI Hernan Perez $1
MI Cesar Hernandez $5
OF Mike Trout $51
OF Mark Trumbo $17
OF Domingo Santana $5
OF Matt Holliday $3
OF Andrew Toles $1
UT Matt Joyce $1
P Max Scherzer $34
P Dallas Keuchel $15
P David Price $11
P Steven Matz $11
P Drew Smyly $5
P Eduardo Rodriguez $1
P Alex Colome $12
P Neftali Feliz $2
P Carter Capps $1
Reserves: Anibal Sanchez, Matt Boyd, A.J. Reed, Tyler Saladino, Sal Romano, Abraham Almonte

As in just about any auction, some things did not go according to plan. After Ron Shandler nominated David Price for $10, I won him with an $11 bid. It was a bid I regretted almost instantly, partly because I was surprised that no one else valued him even a dollar more. I suspected that, with a little more patience, I could get a starter with just a little less upside and a whole lot more certainty for an equivalent price. That proved to be true, as Gerrit Cole went for $13 and Danny Duffy went for $12, just to name a couple of alternatives. Then I compounded the level of risk I was taking on by winning Steven Matz for $11. It was the day after the auction that the latest reports of elbow troubles for Matz surfaced.

I also waited far too long to fill my 3B slot. This was probably more frustrating than actually costly to the strength of my roster, as there were few bargains to be had at the position. I wound up with Howie Kendrick for $1. In retrospect, I may have been better off going $4 on Brandon Drury or $3 on Eugenio Suarez, but that may have prevented me from going the extra dollar on Cesar Hernandez or Domingo Santana.

Time will tell if this is a winning roster (and if I make it better with in-season deals), but for the most part, it was a victory in terms of process. I rarely went above my auction values and was willing to bid on players who were not among my typical targets when they were below my values. It still looks strange to see Salvador Perez and Mark Trumbo on my roster, especially in an OBP league, but I don’t feel bad about the prices.

Want to share your thoughts about this roster or any of the others in the league? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Jimmy Mcbaseball

    March 29, 2017 at 2:12 am

    Pretty cool GL

  2. Al,

    Nice roster, well done! What are your expectations for Toles? Very interesting case; strong side of a (few?) platoons and looked great in short sample last year. What are your projections?


      March 29, 2017 at 2:34 am

      Thanks, Ricky. I do worry he will give way to Cody Bellinger at some point. I think he will get 400 PA, .285 Avg, .330 OBP, 10 HR, 13 SB, 55 R, 50 RBI.

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