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Your wish list for 2018 fantasy baseball coverage

Before you know it, we will be in the midst of draft prep once again. Right now, we’re in something of a lull, but before the burners on the hot stove get turned up, I am turning to you for some help.

I am in the process of determining what to focus on in my fantasy analysis for the coming season. Specifically, I am trying to figure out what new types of analysis I can offer that would be useful, yet are not widely available from other sources.

I took to Twitter to ask what sorts of analysis you would like to see more of in 2018. I am grateful to those who responded. Below are the suggestions I have received so far.

So I have two more favors to ask. First, of the following suggestions, are there any that stand out as having great value to you as a fantasy owner? Second, what types of analysis would you like to see that are not listed below?

If you have feedback to offer for either or both of these requests, please leave a comment at the bottom. If you prefer, send me a note on Twitter — my account is @almelchiorBB.

The suggestions so far:

  • Trade value charts
  • End-of-draft fliers (“the next Aaron Judge”)
  • In-depth and continuing analysis of my favorite sleepers
  • Format specific analysis: Roto, H2H points, H2H categories, deep leagues, keeper leagues
  • Separate rankings for different formats
  • Position eligibility updates
  • Daily matchup notes and recommendations by category (early, maybe the day before)
  • Auction values for AL- and NL-only
  • In-season earned auction values
  • ROS rankings updated weekly, closer situations updated daily


Thanks again, and looking forward to helping you get ready for a great 2018 season.


  1. End of draft fliers, breakouts/busts.
    Weekly waiver wire adds

  2. Monthly updated dynasty projections (peak-age OPS or ERA). Thanks!

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